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Nov 2014

TV Couch Commandos Jessica Jones | Podcast EP014

TV Couch Commandos Jessica Jones | Podcast EP014
Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Glen A Larson 
This week’s episode is brought to you by Jameson*.

We've got a bumper packed episode for you with news and views from TV land. Casting News from Netflix’s  Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Yahoo’s  Community, TNT’s Lumen, Syfy’s The Expanse, ABC’s Agent Carter, and Fox’s Gotham. Spoilers from The Flash and Arrow upcoming crossover. 

In Development news, stories from Fox with new show Damn! Monsters Galore as Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead heads off to Starz with Bruce Campbell

In UK TV news The Frankenstein Chronicles from ITV and From Hell transfers from movie land to a TV show from FX. Idris Elba’s Luthor returns for a special two partner and also a remake from Fox. BBC America showcases Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel which is due next year. 

We also salute the genius that was Glen A. Larson. 
In Winners and Sinners

Arrow Episodes E03E06 “Guilty" & E03E07 “Draw Back Your Bow" In “Guilty”, Ted Grant is accused of Murder and in "Draw Back Your Bow", Arrow gets a uber fan girl calling herself Cupid that just can’t take no for an answer. 

Constantine Episodes S01E03 “The Devil’s Vinyl” and S01E04 “A Feast of Friends” In “The Devil’s Vinyl” John and Zed cross paths with Pap Midnight while trying to locate a record with the voice of the devil. In “ A Feast of Friends”  A demonic entity  escapes confinement and a friend of John needs help to capture it again. 
Flash Episodes S0105 "Plastique" and S0106 "The Flash is Born” In “Plastique" General Elling rolls into town looking to capture a Meta Human that can turn objects into bombs. In "The Flash is Born" a Meta Human that can turn himself into steel takes on Barry. 
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S02E07 The Writing On The Wall"      and S02E08 "The Things We Bury" "The Writing on the Wall" - The team discovers murder victims with the alien glyphs on them that Coulson's been etching. "The Things We Bury" -  Ward kidnaps his brother, Senator Christian Ward, for a violent trip down memory lane 
*Jameson does not sponsor or endorse this episode (But they can if they want)
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Nov 2014

TV Couch Commandos Supergirl | Podcast EP013


In TV news this week we discuss Netflix plans for a Lemony Snicket original TV series. 

Sharon Stone with a new TV show in development, playing the part of a female vice president in action-drama Agent X. 

Limitless the movie changes into limitless the TV series via Kurtzman and Orci with Bradley Cooper executive producing. 

The Team behind 24 brings a new high-intensity drama called POTUS , which follows the American president. 

A new supernatural drama called Breed from TNT. 

Yet another villain from Batman’s roster of Villains heads to the small screen in Gotham. 

Two New mini-series coming soon. Firstly, AMC co-producing with the BBC The Night manager with Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston based on the John le Carre novel. Secondly, Syfy is set to adapt Arthur C. Clarke's final "2001 The Final Odyssey" book. 

We also break down the cast list for CBS' Supergirl casting Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant amongst others. 

Reviews this week on Winners and Sinners is a Comic Book Trifecta. Constantine S01E02 The darkness beneath you digs up some miners who turn into vengeful sprints and John Constantine meets Zed a new ally in his fight against evil. 

In Arrow S03E05 The secret origin of Felicity Smoak. Milf Smoak ..uh I mean Mama Smoak drops by into Starling City and we get to find out a bit more about Felicity and her dark ( or should I say Gothic ?) past. 

Finally in Penguin’s Umbrella S01E07 of Gotham, Oswald Cobblepot appears alive and well. Falcone and Maroni get to the brink of all-out war and Jim Gordon gets caught in between a rock and a hard place. 

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Nov 2014

TV Couch Commandos Constantine | Podcast EP012


Couch Commandos TV news and reviews with British Accents! Joining your hosts @deadinyl and @themancalledmrx on the couch this week is @John_Kata the host of Bat Chat.  

TV news this week on Couch Commandos we talk about a new guest star for American Horror Story and a new series development from Netflix for Richie Rich. A new guest character for Arrow and rumours of a Krypton TV series. American Gigolo gets touted as the newest movie to TV adaptation we discuss the merits of pushing out known properties onto the television viewing public. 

Winners and Sinners this week we talk about Arrow episodes Corto Maltese and The Magician. Oliver tries to convince Thea to come back home, meanwhile two familiar faces in the form of Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa return to Starling City. Gotham episodes Viper and Spirit of the Goat sees a new drug hit Gotham City that causes euphoria then death and a Case from the past comes back to haunt Bullock. The Flash episodes Things You Can't Outrun and going ) Going Rogue sees Barry Allen battle both The Mist and Captain Cold and a familiar face appears in Central City. 

New shows this week, we discuss the hilarious new show on Adult Swim called Mike Tyson's Mysteries available to view on line on YouTube here . Finally we geek out about NBC’s DC Comics adaptation of Hellblazer in the form of Constantine. 

Presented by @deadvinyl and @themancalledmrx members of the nerdbongnetwork.

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