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DCTV Arrow Legends SHIELD Supergirl The Flash

Aug 2014

Couch Commandos TV Podcast EP005 | Not for Everyone

August 20, 2014

In this weeks packed tv podcast in the news we talk about The new series of Doctor Who staring Peter Capaldi and the television special events and marathons running leading up to the new season. Supernatural chatter on whats upcoming for the new season staring the Winchester boys.

News on a new joiner from Dexter joining TV's new Gotham series. True Detective rumors for the season 2 on who could be series leads. New characters for the CW's The Flash and Arrow and a guest star for Constantine from FX's Justified. Finally, developments on HBO's Westworld and 12 Monkeys 

Our Winners and Sinners scorecards are at the ready as we review The last ship episode 7 "SOS" , The Strain episode 4 "It's Not for Everyone" and Falling Skies episode 7 "Saturday Night Massacre" 

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