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DCTV DCU Titans Doom Patrol Arrow Legends Of Tomorrow Agents Of SHIELD Supergirl The Flash Black lightning The Gifted Runaways Cloak and Dagger

Jan 2017

Series guide #Startrek The Next Generation #STTNG 3 of 3 #Podcast

January 9, 2017

This is it! The final part of our 3 part Star Trek the Next Generation Special. Enjoy! Remember we are back to our regular schedule of Couch Commandos with our usual podcast on Cape TV shows like Flash, S.H.I.E.L.D, Arrow, Legends and Supergirl at the end of this month.

TOP 10


Parallels S07E11
Worf finds himself randomly shifting between alternate realities.

The Pegasus S07E12
Riker's former Captain boards the Enterprise to retrieve the USS Pegasus. Picard investigates the circumstances of its loss and finds that there has been a cover-up. Features Terry O'Quinn as Admiral Eric Pressman.

All Good Things... S07E25+26
Picard finds himself being transported between three time periods, thanks to Q, with a spacetime distortion that threatens to destroy reality growing larger in the past, and smaller in the future.


Relics S06E04

The Enterprise investigates a vessel that crashed on the surface of a Dyson sphere 75 years ago. A pattern is found in the transporter buffer which turns out to be Mr. Scott. He is released from the buffer and later agrees to return to the vessel with Geordi to help restore the logs. They become the only hope when the Enterprise is accidentally pulled inside the sphere.

Rascals S06E07
A transporter malfunction turns Picard, Keiko, Ro, and Guinan into children who become the ship's only hope when they are left aboard while the adult crew are forced to perform dangerous labor by Ferengi pirates.

A Fistful of Datas S06E08
Data's mind is connected to the ship's computer which creates unforeseen effects on the holodeck.

Chain of Command, S06E010 + 11
Captain Jellico is assigned command of the Enterprise while Picard is sent on a covert mission into Cardassian territory. Guest star: Ronny Cox as Edward Jellico.
Picard, having been captured, is tortured by a sadistic Cardassian interrogator (played by David Warner).

Ship in a Bottle S06E012
Barclay accidentally awakens Prof. Moriarty on the holodeck who uses the powers at his disposal to coerce the crew into finding a way to allow him to leave the holodeck. Guest star: Daniel Davis as Professor Moriarty.

Face of the Enemy S06E014
Deanna is involuntarily recruited to assist in the transport of Romulan defectors across the border.
Tapestry S06E015
An accident kills Picard. He finds an afterlife with Q analyzing his past choices.

Birthright S06E016+17
Worf is told on Deep Space Nine that his father is alive and is being held prisoner by the Romulans. Meanwhile an engineering experiment accidentally results in Data's first dream. Guest star: James Cromwell as Jaglom Shrek. Worf, now a prisoner, tries to teach the Klingon refugees the ways of the warrior.

Starship Mine S06E018
Thieves attempt to steal trilithium from the Enterprise during a Baryon sweep at the Remmler Array and Picard alone must thwart them.

Lessons S06E019
Picard becomes involved with a woman who is serving on the Enterprise but he must send her into a dangerous mission.

The Chase S06E020
Picard tries to solve an ancient genetic mystery uncovered by his archaeological mentor and faces stiff competition. Guest star: Norman Lloyd as Richard Galen.

Rightful Heir S06E023
Worf experiences a crisis of faith and travels to a Klingon holy site where the mythic figure Kahless returns to lead the Klingon people.

Second Chances S06E024
Riker encounters a duplicate of himself created by a transporter malfunction stranded on a planet. "Thomas" vies for Deanna's affections.

Timescape S06E025
The Enterprise is caught in temporal stasis and on the brink of destruction by a Romulan ship.

Descent S06E026 + S07S01
The crew encounter a group of Borg acting individually and Data briefly experiences emotions. Professor Stephen Hawking makes a guest appearance. The Borg are being led by Lore. Data falls under his control by being fed negative emotions.


Gambit S07S04/ S07S05
The Enterprise crew investigate the apparent murder of Captain Picard during an archaeological trip. Riker is kidnapped by mercenaries and finds Picard working as part of their crew.
Picard and Riker help mercenaries collect archaeological artifacts to prevent an ancient Vulcan weapon from falling into the wrong hands.

Homeward S07S13
Worf's human foster brother violates the Prime Directive to save a doomed primitive race.

Lower Decks S07S15
Junior officers buck for promotion as one of them is assigned the dangerous task of helping a Cardassian spy.

Thine Own Self S07E16
Data loses his memory after retrieving radioactive fragments on a planet's surface and endangers the humanoid settlement he encounters while Deanna studies to become a bridge officer.

Genesis S07E17
A routine medical treatment inadvertently creates a virus that begins to de-evolve the Enterprise crew while Picard and Data are on an away mission. This is the first and only episode to be directed by Gates McFadden, who plays Dr. Crusher.

Journey's End S07E20
Wesley considers his future as the Enterprise is ordered to remove Native American colonists from a planet that is about to fall under Cardassian jurisdiction. Guest stars Richard Poe as Gul Evek and Tom Jackson as Lakanta. Final appearance of Eric Menyuk as The Traveler.

Preemptive Strike S07E24
Lieutenant Ro graduates from advanced tactical training and is sent by Picard to lure Maquis terrorists into a trap. Guest star Richard Poe as Gul Evek


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