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Nov 2014

TV Couch Commandos Constantine | Podcast EP012

November 6, 2014

Couch Commandos TV news and reviews with British Accents! Joining your hosts @deadinyl and @themancalledmrx on the couch this week is @John_Kata the host of Bat Chat.  

TV news this week on Couch Commandos we talk about a new guest star for American Horror Story and a new series development from Netflix for Richie Rich. A new guest character for Arrow and rumours of a Krypton TV series. American Gigolo gets touted as the newest movie to TV adaptation we discuss the merits of pushing out known properties onto the television viewing public. 

Winners and Sinners this week we talk about Arrow episodes Corto Maltese and The Magician. Oliver tries to convince Thea to come back home, meanwhile two familiar faces in the form of Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa return to Starling City. Gotham episodes Viper and Spirit of the Goat sees a new drug hit Gotham City that causes euphoria then death and a Case from the past comes back to haunt Bullock. The Flash episodes Things You Can't Outrun and going ) Going Rogue sees Barry Allen battle both The Mist and Captain Cold and a familiar face appears in Central City. 

New shows this week, we discuss the hilarious new show on Adult Swim called Mike Tyson's Mysteries available to view on line on YouTube here . Finally we geek out about NBC’s DC Comics adaptation of Hellblazer in the form of Constantine. 

Presented by @deadvinyl and @themancalledmrx members of the nerdbongnetwork.

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