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Sep 2014

TV Couch Commandos Intruders | Podcast EP008

September 30, 2014
In TV news this week on Couch Commandos we talk about a new 24 type show from cbs with a female lead in Last Hour.  Fox looks at a supernatural ghost hunting TV project. A new comic book series from TNT called Titans with Nightwing aka Batman’s’ ex Robin. Cw’s The Flash brings back a character from the old series to the new. Carrying On with the comic book theme, New characters in Netflix’s Daredevil are announced. WB gives more than a snowballs chance in hell to bring DC’s  Lucifer to our TV screens. Finally cast joiners for Agent Carter and Arrow.

In Winders and Sinners we talk about X-files and Space Above and Beyond Glen Morgan’s New BBC America Show Intruders. FX’s The Strain Episode "Loved Ones" and  Under the Dome’s episode “Turn” and the diabolical new Zombie show from Syfy and The Asylum Z-Nation and its premiere episode Puppies And Kittens staring stars Harold Perrineau (Oz, Lost) Tom Everett Scott (Southland, Beauty and the Beast), DJ Qualls (Supernatural).

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