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DCTV DCU Titans Doom Patrol Arrow Legends Of Tomorrow Agents Of SHIELD Supergirl The Flash Black lightning The Gifted Runaways Cloak and Dagger

Feb 2018

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February 3, 2018

NEWS: Daredevil, Arrow, Metropolis. American gods, John WIck, Wayward Sisters, Demimond

SUPERGIRL Episode Title: S03E10 "Legion of Superheroes"

MEET THE LEGION - Struggling to heal from her injuries inflicted by Reign Odette Annable, Supergirl Melissa Benoist remains in a dreamlike state, unable to be reached. Mon-El Chris Wood recruits one of the Legion members, Brainiac-5 guest star Jesse Rath, to try to bring her back. Meanwhile, Reign continues her rampage on the city so the DEO teams up with the Legion of Superheroes to try to stop her.

SUPERGIRL Episode Title: S03E11 "Fort Rozz"

SUPERGIRL TEAMS UP WITH SATURN GIRL, LIVEWIRE AND PSI - As Reign Odette Annable continues to terrorize the city, Supergirl Melissa Benoist teams up with Saturn Girl guest star Amy Jackson, and the two recruit Supergirl's former enemies, Livewire guest star Brit Morgan and Psi guest star Yael Grobglas, to form a team for a mission to Fort Rozz to recover a prisoner who has information on how to defeat Reign once and for all. Meanwhile, Alex Chyler Leigh babysits Ruby guest star Emma Tremblay.

SUPERGIRL Episode Title: S03E12 "For Good"

MORGAN EDGE THREATENS LENA - Someone tries to kill Morgan Edge guest star Adrian Pasdar and he barely survives. He accuses Lena Katie McGrath of being behind the attempt and vows to destroy her. When Lena fears her hatred for Morgan will take her to the Luthor dark side, Kara Melissa Benoist steps in to help her friend. Meanwhile, after Sam Odette Annable realizes she's losing time, she confides in Alex Chyler Leigh who decides to run some medical tests to see if she can find out what's going on with her new friend.

THE FLASH Episode Title: S0E410 "The Trial of The Flash"

BARRY FIGHTS FOR HIS LIFE - As Barry's Grant Gustin trial for the murder of Clifford DeVoe begins, Iris Candice Patton and Joe Jesse L. Martin must decide how far they are willing to go to keep Barry out of prison.

THE FLASH Episode Title: S0E411 "The Elongated Knight Rises"

THE RISE OF THE HERO - When a familiar villain returns to terrorize Central City, Ralph guest star Hartley Sawyer must rise up to defend the innocent while Barry Grant Gustin is detained by his trial. Meanwhile, Barry searches for the strength to keep his optimism alive in the face of his new circumstances.

THE FLASH Episode Title: S0E412 "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash"

THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MEN - A meta who can shrink anything he touches battles Team Flash. Cisco Carlos Valdes and Ralph guest star Hartley Sawyer get caught in his crossfire and are shrunk to miniature versions of themselves. Cecile guest star Danielle Nicolet realizes her pregnancy has caused her to have temporary powers and discovers she can hear other people's thoughts, which unnerves Joe Jesse L. Martin. Meanwhile, Barry Grant Gustin meets someone with a mysterious connection to Henry Allen.

ARROW Episode Title: S0E6010 "Divided"

OLIVER DISCOVERS A SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT CAYDEN JAMES - Despite losing half his team, Oliver Stephen Amell remains confident that he, Felicity Emily Bett Rickards and Diggle David Ramsey can stop Cayden James guest star Michael Emerson and Black Siren Katie Cassidy. However, when he discovers one of Cayden's secrets, he decides to team up with an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Dinah Juliana Harkavy spends time with Vince guest star Johann Urb.

ARROW Episode Title: S06E11 "We Fall"

WILLIAM LANDS IN CAYDEN JAMES' CROSSHAIRS - Cayden James guest star Michael Emerson ups the ante by launching his plan to take control of every aspect of the city. Despite the scope of Cayden's plan, Oliver Stephen Amell is determined to foil it with just the Original Team Arrow - and without the aid of Rene Rick Gonzalez, Dinah Juliana Harkavy, or Curtis Echo Kellum. But things get complicated when William guest star Jack Moore is endangered as a result of Cayden's handiwork.

ARROW Episode Title: S06E12 "All for Nothing"

OLIVER AND DINAH FACE OFF - Oliver Stephen Amell continues his battle with Cayden James guest star Michael Emerson. Dinah Juliana Harkavy and Oliver have a major disagreement that endangers the life of one of their own.

BLACK LIGHTNING Episode Title: S01E01 "The Resurrection"

After his older daughter Anissa is arrested for protesting, high school principal and former superhero Jefferson Pierce is again pulled over for a crime he did not commit due to the racial tension prevalent in his community. The last straw comes when his youngest daughter, Jennifer, gets in trouble at a club owned by a gang called the 100, and he is forced to use his powers to rescue her. Gambi, his mentor and friend, urges him to become Black Lightning again, but Jefferson refuses to break the promise he made to his ex-wife Lynn to give up heroics in hopes of reconciling with her. A 100 gangbanger named Will and his friends abduct Jennifer and Anissa from school despite an agreement between Jefferson and the gang, and Lynn frees him from his promise for their daughters' sakes. With Gambi's help, he saves the girls from the 100 at the Seahorse Motel. However, he is unable to find Will's boss Lala. After being brought to the head of the 100, Tobias Whale, by his two underlings, Lala is instructed to kill Black Lightning. Anissa's trauma activates her own powers, causing her to break a sink in half.Lightning, but he left the Superhero days behind. Almost a decade later, Pierce's crime-fighting days are long behind him... or so he thought.

BLACK LIGHTNING Episode Title: S01E02 "Lawanda: The Book of Hope"

Jefferson assures Lynn that he is giving up his Black Lightning identity for good. However, he learns that not only are the 100 still running prostitutes at the Seahorse Motel, his daughters are being targeted as witnesses. Jefferson asks Gambi to help him find Lala by hacking the police's database. Anissa's girlfriend offers to get her a therapist. Will escapes police custody, but is captured and executed by Lala for his mess-up. When a former student of Jefferson's named Lawanda tries to free her daughter from the grip of the 100, he promises to help her. Lawanda is shot dead when she confronts Lala at the Seahorse Motel. Blaming himself for her death, Jefferson throws aside his concerns and prepares to go after the 100. Lynn visits Gambi and asks him to convince her husband otherwise, but he refuses. Using information from Will's recovered phone, Jefferson suits up and storms the hotel where Lala is hiding, beating him severely just before the police arrive to arrest him. While out shopping, Anissa subdues a robber with her powers. Using his connections in the police department after the Seahorse Motel was shut down, Tobias gets access to Lala's cell and strangles him with only one hand.

BLACK LIGHTNING Episode Title: S01E03 "Lawanda: The Book of Burial"

Folllowing Lawanda's death, Freeland's local reverend plans to orchestrate a peace march in light of the 100's crime waves much to the dismay of Jefferson Pierce and Inspector Henderson. As Anissa meets Grace Choi and still works out the limits to the abilities that she developed, Tobias Whale instructs one of his minions to commit a massacre at the peace march as a way to rise to the ranks and make up for the late Lala's repeated failure. In order to protect the peace marchers even when members of his family will be in it, Black Lightning tests his new gear in a training sequence to keep the peace marchers from being killed. Though Black Lightning succeeds in stopping the assailant, Tobias Whale was nearby as his female underling shoots the reverend. The bullet goes through the reverend and hits Khalil. At the hospital, Jefferson sees the mixed news about the opinions of Black Lightning from the peace marchers and Inspector Henderson. Peter back at the tailor shop, deletes evidence that Tobias was the one responsible for the reverend and Khalil being shot. Back at the hospital Lynn talks to Anissa about her lack of being around and that she will always be there if she needs to talk about everything that's been going on. Jefferson and Jennifer tell them that the reverend is doing well and that Khalil was shot in the spine meaning that he won't walk again. As Jefferson embraces his family, he continues to see the news about Black Lightning as other peace marchers praise his heroic actions.